Hassan II Foundation for the Prevention and Cure of Nervous System Diseases was set up on February 13, 1989 (corresponds to Rajeb 7th, 1407), on the initiative of a group of founding members made up of non-physician and physician public figures, the majority of whom are neurosurgeons. This foundation is of public utility. It bears the name of His Late Majesty Hassan II May He Rest In Peace. Therefore, it receives the care and concern of His Majesty the King.

The Foundation is a nongovernmental association governed by Dahir number 1-58-376 dated November 15, 1958 (corresponds to First Joumada 3rd, 1378), nonprofit and of public utility through Prime Minister Decree number 2-89-464 dated July 31st, 1989. The objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  • Improving the conditions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with nervous system diseases.
  • Purchasing new technological devices that are not available in our hospitals, either for the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases.
  • Participating in continuing medical education of the medical staff, and promoting research in the field of neurological sciences.
In our foundation, we think that health is everyone's responsibility, and is closely linked to research and continuing medical education. This applies to nervous system diseases. We also think that beside the efforts of the government in this field, it is a requirement to add the support of institutions, and associations, and also of individuals, so that the patients with nervous system diseases are treated through modern technologies, in the same way as in developed countries.This is why we ask from bodies, institutions, associations and individuals inside and outside Morocco to help our foundation reach these noble objectives.