Successful example to duplicate

Ten years of activity at the NCRNS and the results that have been achieved at the Center deserve to be thought over and assessed by public authorities, in order to duplicate it in other university hospitals. This duplication should bring to the hospitals three main advantages that would significantly improve the quality of healthcare and the level of medical education provided.

  1. Teachers-researchers keep working inside the hospitals, instead of temporarily leaving them to meet their Scheduled Outpatient Consultations, because the wings located inside the premises such as the NCRNS, as they are built inside the hospitals, are the best place for doctors to practice their Scheduled Outpatient Consultations;

  2. The hospital budget is significantly improved, as the revenues collected from outpatient consultations and/or surgery are included in the hospital budget. The example of the NCRNS is very beneficial in this regard, as it has a self-financing ability without subsidies from the government, can cover its bank loans, and pay more than 70 staff working at the Center.

  3. Technical and technological support is given to scientific research: most projects that have been accredited by Mohammed V University in Rabat, and coordinated by teachers at Hopital de Specialites use the same technologies that are available at the NCRNS.